Unity Candle 

The unity candle or rememberance candle lighting ceremony is a beautiful way to honor your big day and / or remember those who can't be with you. 

Three candles are needed to perform the ritual – one for each partner and one to symbolise the new marriage. The the celebrant reads a script, addressing the couple and their relationship. The couple use the two smaller candles to light the larger candle to seal their union.


Oathing Stone

Embrace the old European tradition to add a meaningful highlight to your wedding ceremony. The Oathing Stone is a tradition where the Bride and Groom place their hands upon a stone while saying their wedding vows.

Called the oathing stone it was thought to be the best way to express your solemn promise in physical form. Taken from the ancient Celtic custom of setting an oath in stone, inclusion of an oathing stone in the vows can be deeply moving.


Handfasting is another unity ritual that couples are using to personalise their ceremony. Originating in ancient Celtic tradition, it symbolises the binding together of two people and their commitment and devotion to each other. After explaining the significance of handfasting, the officiant asks the couple to join their hands together. 

 As the celebrant reads a series of vows, the couple’s hands are wrapped together with specially chosen cords. The handfasting is followed by the official exchanging of rings.

Sand Pouring

Symbolising two lives coming together, the sand pouring ceremony involves each partner or family member pouring a container of sand, each a different color, into a larger clear vessel.

It is performed after the vows and rings have been exchanged or the main ceremony has been performed. The sands flow and blend together, representing the couple’s or families future as one.

Pouring the Tea

Premium Option (additional cost of £30) 

The Pouring of the Tea ritual symbolises the flow of blessings – prosperity and gratitude, health and humility, longevity and eternal peace. 

Up to 6 members of the ceremony perform this ritual after the exchange of rings.

Tea is prepared ahead of time and presented in a tea pot with cups on a tray, placed at a draped table near the celebrant. 

In the ceremony, the tea is poured by the couple and given to up to 4 guests.