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Celebrant Love.


Contract of agreement for your Wedding Ceremony

 This contract of agreement is subject to the following terms and conditions. On paying the 30% booking fee we (the couple) acknowledge that we have read, understood and agree with the following statements. 

1. We (the couple) agree to pay a 30% booking fee and understand that this is non-refundable, if we should cancel the ceremony for any reason. The booking fee is due within 7 days of us (the couple) confirming verbally or via email or text that we wish to book Tracey for our ceremony. Your ceremony is not confirmed with Tracey until the contract has been returned and the booking fee is paid. * This will secure Tracey services for you on that day. 

*N/B – If payment is not received within 7 days with the signing of the contract, unless delay has been agreed at the time, Tracey reserves the right to take another booking for the date in question.


2. We (the couple) agree to pay the remainder of the fee in two staged payments:

Your ceremony draft fee of 30% is due on notification that the first draft of your ceremony has been completed and prior to the receipt of your draft ceremony. This would normally be 6- 12 weeks before the ceremony.

Balance of payment of 40% is due 28 days prior to the ceremony.


3. We (the couple) agree that we acknowledge the following:

If Tracey is unable to perform our ceremony due to illness or any other unavoidable situation, Tracey will try to arrange a substitution and Tracey will make your ceremony words available to the substitution. If we (the couple) need to postpone our ceremony, Tracey will honour the new date where possible, however this is not guaranteed.


4. We understand that in the event we (the couple) should want to cancel services the following will need to be considered: 

None of the staged payments once made are refunded as Traceg may have turned down other work to save the date exclusively for us (the couple). If the draft has been written and it is in our possession, then Tracey has the right and expectation to have been paid for this work. 

Changes to booking dates and times must be notified in writing and will be accommodated whenever possible but cannot be guaranteed. If you need to postpone your ceremony, I will honour the new date and, where possible, however this is not guaranteed. If, for whatever reason I are unable to perform your ceremony I will do my very best to find a suitable replacement celebrant for your ceremony. If I cancel and I am unable to find a replacement, you will receive a full refund.

 To exercise the right to cancel, you (the couple) must inform me of your decision to cancel your contract with me by a sending or emailing Tracey a clear written statement. 

You (the couple) may cancel at any time, after 14 days, by giving written notice, cancellations less than 12 weeks prior to the ceremony results in a 60% payment of the ceremony becoming due and cancelations less than 4 weeks prior to the ceremony results in a 75% becoming due. All booking fees and ceremony draft payments are non-refundable as per the T&C’s accepted at the time of booking.


5. We (the couple) understand that all written examples and suggested documents are copyrighted to Celebrant Love and no reproduction or sharing with others is allowed. Your ceremony is also copyrighted to Celebrant Love and no reproduction or sharing with others is allowed without prior consent.


6. Tracey's writing style is unique to her and will be completely different to how anyone else may phrase sentences and sayings, and we will take this into consideration when reading or editing your ceremony. Tracey will work closely with you to ensure you (the couple) are completely happy with the ceremony script before your Wedding day and will see the ceremony as a collaboration. 

Marriage is not the domination of one or the other, but it exists for the benefit of you both. We believe that marriage should be based on respect; respect for yourselves, and respect for each other. This will enable the bond between you to grow even stronger and will be an excellent foundation to build your marriage upon.

A Marriage which is based on respect will allow you both to share your hopes, your dreams and your memories and to help each other through your uncertainties. Marriage demands honesty and courage from each of you – the courage to be open, and to grow and change. It also requires closeness and distance, closeness for you to grow together and enough distance for each partner to be individual.


8. Images and Testimonials

I may ask you for permission to use photos from your ceremony, either that I have taken or that you have let me have access to, to use for the sole purpose of promotion of my services to other couples, either on my website or via social media. I may also ask you to provide a short-written testimonial. You are in no way obligated to provide either.


9. Confidentiality

All the information that you give me is treated as confidential and I will not disclose any of it to any third party without your express permission. Your information will be managed in accordance with the law, including the new Data Protection Regulations 2018. For further information please read my Privacy Policy. 

The content of your ceremony will be kept confidential, except for any third parties we may include in creating your ceremony. All correspondence and documentation in respect of my services, including any ceremony examples provided, must be kept confidential both before and after your event. Such information can only be shared with my written consent.


10. Insurance and professional affiliation


Yours is the love story I cannot wait to tell.


Tracey Griffiths

Celebrant Love.